The ADS 100 Dissolution Sampler is a system for automated simultaneous sampling of up to eight liquid samples that are transferred sequentially after filtration into the sample collection unit (e.g. HPLC autosampler or fraction collector). The samples are taken by up to 8 individually and independently controlled piston pumps. This allows filtration of the samples under pressure up to 100 bar. In addition there is an internal flushing pump built in that guarantees no cross contamination of each channel. With the integrated flow sensor an internal validation of all sampling and flushing processes will be permanently done, that with high precision the samples can be transferred into the sample-collecting unit. All materials are inert (PEEK). ADS Control is used as software to control and monitor the complete hardware, to fulfill all requirements of documentation according 21 CFR Part 11. The ADS-Control Software allows the time-optimized analysis of the samples by HPLC with the option of sample restore. The dilution or derivatization of samples is also available as well as dynamic bracketing for highest precision and confidence.


  • Automatic sampling dissolution testers and sample filling into an HPLC-autosampler and analysis of the samples during the experiment (sample cooling optional)
  • Piston pumps for simultaneous sampling of up to 8 samples at random times (1-3ml per sampling event)
  • High pressure filtration
  • Audit trail of all processes and parameters
  • Hardware control of dissolution testers of different manufacturers (e.g. Sotax, Agilent/Varian, Distek, Hanson)
  • Data base for user management and documentation
  • Software supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32/64bit)


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