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The AnaTox GmbH & Co. KG was founded on 17.06.2004 in Fürstenwalde
founded among others by Detlef Wilhelm. The name of the company is derived from the goals initially the company was founded to create a center of excellence in the field of analysis and toxicology. The goal of building a toxicologically-oriented laboratory, was restored quickly, because with these ideas and their implementation in the field of instrument development was first chosen a different orientation. The AnaTox sees itself since then as a provider of complete, customized solutions in the field of instrumental analysis, with which she also determined the level of development.


Market segment

Chromatography and dissolution are the major application areas for AnaTox that develops and provides customized solutions for each client. Over the past few years, the AnaTox has earned many positive references that attest to its high performance. With the advancement of the AnaTox dissolution sampler ADS 100, the AnaTox has opened up the field of synthesis of automatic sampling systems and bioreactors. By participating in various international trade fairs shows the AnaTox that their products are designed not only for the German market.



Many products of AnaTox have been developed for the field of chromatography anddissolution. As an important product group the Solvent Recycler for Isocratic HPLC method on the market could be established. In these systems, both time-and peak-controlled versions are available, as well as well as multichannel systems (e.g. for quaternary pump in HPLC systems). End of 2009, the development of the automatic sampling system ADS 100 was successfully completed, on this basis a whole family of products will emerge. Besides all the hardware developments also customized development and optimization are offered in the field of methods and process development for HPLC.



Besides the products in the areas of hardware and process development
offers the AnaTox due to its competence various courses and training for customers. In addition to the training on equipment also training is carried out to a few software packages, such as ADS-control software or ChemStation of course. Mostly devices of AnaTox and Agilent Technologies are used. In addition demonstrations and presentations of the latest generation of equipment of both companies in the AnaTox Demo Center in Berlin are held regularly and on request. Of course, test and sample measurements can be agreed. Please contact us.



The AnaTox has its headquarters in Fürstenwalde a small town in eastern Brandenburg, which is better known for its Goodyear Dunlop tire plant. In recent years, however, the high-tech sector has settled, primarily companies in the solar industry. The AnaTox here has found an environment that offers good transport links and cooperations with interested customers and users with its proximity to Berlin.

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