Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What setting should I use for delay?
A: The setting of the time delay depends on the length and the cross section of the capillary tube to the valve and the flow rate. Therefore, no general recommendation can be made. Calculate, based on the capillary and the flow rate set in the method, the time required.
Q: What to do when the ER-PC turns on as planned, but not off?
A: Try to increase the setting for "peak intensity" to the next level.
Q: What to do when the valve does not switch into the waste?
A: There are two possible causes:
1 The MER-V1 is a fault (case of service).
2 The fuse for the contact 1 on the BCD board is blown (no case of service).

To Test you proceed as follows:
1. Remove the BCD board and replace the fuse right (seen from the connecting plate of) one of the other of. Install the BCD board again.
2. Check that now can be promoted in the trash, if the method was started. 

When it is transported into the waste neatly back the fuse was blown. Replace the defective fuse.
Should the matter not be resolved, please contact us to discuss further action.

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