Increase of analysis throughput by changeover to fast LC

You are also faced with the problem with the existing Equipment fleet to increase the capacity utilization / effectiveness? Also, you would like to increase the quality of the analysis results?

With the introduction of grain sizes <2 microns for RP materials (here the example of a Zorbax material) now exist new ways to optimize separations in terms of time and resolution

Since with particles <2 microns more theoretical plates / cm column length can be achieved, one can bring to use much shorter columns. Plotting the plate height against the flow rate of the eluent, it soon becomes clear that by increasing the flow the resolution decreases only slightly and thus for the same resolution, the analysis time can be shortened.

An example will illustrate this:

Grafik_1  opt_Trennung

With the conversion to fast LC result in a number of advantages:
  • Retaining/increase of the chromatographic resolution.
  • Improving the quality of results with increased resolution.
  • Drastic shortening of the analysis time.
  • Reduction of the eluent consumption (disposal costs).
  • Increase the efficiency in the laboratory by more analyzes / time at a reduced cost.

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