We provide training to the AnaTox-Dissolutionsamplers wherein the operation, maintenance and repair will be shown. We offer a range of training courses on the field of liquid chromatography. The courses take place in seminar form and provide next to the theoretical foundations usually practical knowledge and skills. The courses are structured so that a distinction is made between basic and advanced seminars. We are happy to also offer training on software for Agilent systems.

In addition to the courses with defined learning content AnaTox also offers customized training for your specific needs. After deliberation we provide you an individually designed training with specific training goals together, which we carry out (on ​​and with your devices) with your staff on-site. For more information, or if you are interested in training, please contact us. To do this, for example, use the contact form.

Training courses
  1. Operation, maintenance and repair of dissolutionsamplers
  2. Introduction to HPLC
  3. Troubleshooting in liquid chromatography
  4. Care and maintenance of HPLC systems
  5. Fast LC / Rapid Resolution in liquid chromatography

1. Operation, maintenance and repair of dissolutionsampler

In this course basics of sampling technique for dissolution experiments are mediated. The practice-oriented seminar enables participants to be able to use the acquired knowledge immediately in their own laboratory. In this course dissolution baths of different manufacturers as well as samplers of AnaTox and Agilent (HPLC) will be used.

2. Introduction to HPLC

This offer is aimed at Newcomers and beginners who wish to familiarize yourself in connection with dissolution in the area of liquid chromatography. Here, the theoretical foundations of the HPLC technique are predominantly mediated. The exercises on the device should enable the participants to be able to use the acquired knowledge in the workplace immediatelyThe course focuses on the basics. The practical exercises are inter alia performed on Agilent liquid chromatograph.

3. Troubleshooting in liquid chromatography

This seminar designed with practical examples informs about common pitfalls with dissolution in conjunction with HPLC and offers solutions for it. Both the HPLC modules, and the applications are involved. Also general guidance to system maintenance will be taught. A variety of practical exercises for fault diagnosis and maintenance should convey the content of the course clearly. The course is device-specific and inter alia performed on Agilent liquid chromatographs of the series 1100/1200.

4.Care and maintenance of HPLC systems

This practice-based course provides technical details of dissolution systems as well as the Agilent HPLC Systems of the 1100/1200 Series. In this case inter alia presented the application of the diagnostic function at Agilent HPLC systems using software. There are Given suggestions about the application and interpretation of the EMF-function (early maintenance feedback) that can be used for early detection of wear and tear. With practical applications of each device, the previously developed principles are put to good use.

5. Fast LC / Rapid Resolution in liquid chromatography

The focus of this event with presentations and discussions is the introduction to the new possibilities that arise through "Fast LC" and Rapid Resolution. Focus is thepresentation of the technical conditions for the chromatographic hardware. Based on example chromatograms the specific characteristics of the new technology are highlighted and given suggestions and tips to transition from the previous method to the high-resolution liquid chromatography. An example of the conversion of such a method will be demonstrated live. In consultation migrate your existing provisionmethod can also be demonstrated on the basis of your data and samples.

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